Miles For Memories Volunteers

Volunteers ... We Need You!

Volunteers are what make the programs for Miles For Memories happen. Everything we do is because of the generosity of our volunteers and their organizations and businesses they represent. Each year we seek to raise funds and awareness with an entirely volunteer team to create solutions for those impacted by dementia through movement, programming, and research. Dollars raised then support new and existing programs.

How Can You Volunteer?

Select a title from below.

  • Volunteer At An Event

    ·      Logistics
    ·      Registration
    ·      Signage
    ·      Sponsor Development
    ·      Team Development
    ·      Facility Development

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  • Volunteer For A Committee

    ·      Melodious Memories
    ·      T.E.C.H – To Ensure they Come Home - Help Home, Personal ID, Senior ID
    ·      Great Minds Pedagogy – Brain Train
    ·      Youth Coloring Book
    ·      Vineyard of Memories
    ·      Funeral Home Program
    ·      Sweet Readers
    ·      Baby-Grands
    ·      Pet Therapy
    ·      Marketing / Promotion
    ·      Caregiver Toolkit / Retreat
    ·      Education and Training

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  • Volunteer To Host A Program Or Fundraising Event

    Do you have a facility that could host a Miles For Memories program or fundraising event?

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  • Volunteer For The Leadership Team

    Our leadership team is responsible for the collective planning of Miles for Memories activities. The volunteer team plans events, creates and implements programs, helps to raise funds, and approve expenditures. Joining us on the leadership team requires a commitment to attend the monthly leadership meetings held the last Thursday of the month, engaging in at least one additional committee, attending the annual Community Stroll Celebration in September and the Thank You Celebration in January. 

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