Senior ID Program

The Miles for Memories Senior ID Bracelet App.

The Miles for Memories Senior ID Bracelet Thumb Drive.

Your loved one is missing and you need to notify the emergency responders. You tell them his/her name, but what do they look like, what medications are they taking, what special conditions do they have?

Another key component of returning a missing loved one is the Senior ID Program. It starts with an interview process, with a caregiver, that collects vital information first responders need when helping your loved one find their way back home. Basic identification information is gathered including a photo, video, and fingerprints. The information that is collected is given back to the caregiver in one, or all, of three ways: 1) uploaded to Senior ID app which only the caregiver has access to, 2) loaded on a thumb drive that is given back to the caregiver, and 3) printed out and given back to the caregiver for later reference.

No information (personal, photos, video) is saved from the interview process, except that what is given back to the caregiver.

Note: If the person and/or caregiver elects to participate in the Help Home Program also, most of the information will be entered and stored on local database managed by the Calhoun County Consolidated Dispatch Authority 911 Center.

Sign Up With The Senior ID Program

It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the process when you come with a completed Help Home form. In order to complete all aspects of this program the person living with dementia should be present. For details on community programs visit us on Facebook. Pre-registration is suggestion to set an appointment time. There is no cost to participate in this program.