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Families choosing the plus membership of $20 per year will have added benefits for storage of legal documents and the opportunity to have your loved one’s location sent directly to the emergency contact when scanned. While it’s not a G.P.S. device, a direct location can be identified when scanned by a smart phone of a passerby. In addition to a map with the G.P.S. location, the emergency contact can receive turn-by-turn directions to get to their location. They also have the ability to share those details with other contacts in their smart phone.
Best of all, you have complete control over the content that is accessible from a click, a scan, or a call to the number on the reverse side of the band through an app on your phone or personal computer. At
a minimum the wearer’s information and emergency contact is required. Each band has its own I.D. and PIN number that are used to create a personal account for the wearer. This is even more valuable if the smart phone camera is not responding. The responder can call the phone number on the reverse side, share the pin and I.D. numbers and the operator will then set the actions in motion.
The bracelet (and Nugget) is gray
and is made with a 100% surgical grade silicone band to eliminate sensitivities and irritations. It has an aluminum slider and stainless steel clasp to keep it secure at all times. The Personal I.D. bracelet and Nugget are both fully waterproof to prevent the need to remove it. The cost for the Personal I.D. bracelet is $25.
The Nugget is the perfect option for the person that will not wear the bracelet or who has a watch that they regularly wear. It can also be worn on a bra strap or shoelace. The cost for the Nugget is $15.
The project launched in Calhoun County with the support of the Michigan Health Endowment Fund (MHEF) and our partner Endevr. With additional support from MHEF we have been able to expand the reach to all counties across Michigan. More than 10,000 devices have been distributed.
If your loved one is mobile and has demonstrated regular attempts to wander you may want to consider the Miles
for Memories G.P.S. watch. The watch
does include all the personal contact information for the emergency contact but also provides for an immediate
opportunity to check the G.P.S. location
of a loved one in real time through an
app on the smart phone. You are not dependent on someone else scanning the bracelet to send a location signal.
In fact, the wanderer can be found as quickly as a phone call can go through. Alerts can be set and sent directly to
the caregiver’s phone when the loved one wanders beyond a safe distance or the bracelet is submerged in water for
an extended period of time. This system will also track movement of the loved one throughout the day, as well as send notifications directly to the watch. Just
as important, the caregiver can call the loved one and interact with them via
the speaker. It can even be set to answer automatically, after a set period of time, if the loved one has not touched the watch surface. This is made possible by having
a cell phone number linked to the watch. Our national partner for this program is Verizon. The cost for the watch is $200 but also requires a monthly service fee for the phone line at $15 or less.
The charge for the phone has been shown to last for 2-5 days depending on use. The good news is that if the G.P.S. watch runs out of charge a passerby
can still scan the QR code that is on the backside of the band as well. All of the same information available with the bracelet or Nugget can be stored in watch as well. Either way, an emergency responder can still alert the emergency contact.
The Miles for Memories G.P.S. Personal I.D. Watch allows for two-way conversations between the wearer and the emergency contact. Up to 10 contacts can
be added. The watch allows for immediate G.P.S. tracking. Alarms can be set for distance, water submersion, and medication reminders. The band can provide details even if the watch looses charge. A simple scan will identify the wearer and their emergency contact. The watch is available across the state by contacting Miles for Memories at m3-tech. org or calling (269) 979-1412.
Each of these programs can provide peace of mind for the caregiver and assist with the safe return of a loved one as well as provide an opportunity for prompt care when necessary.
The caregiver will have greater peace of mind knowing that if their loved is lost, steps have been taken to find and return them as quickly as possible, without an unnecessary trip to the hospital. A simple call to 911 will alert authorities to be on the lookout for you loved one.
For more information on the Personal I.D. bracelet or nugget, or the G.P.S. watch and how to obtain one, or to set up a pro- gram in your community, contact Miles for Memories at (269) 979-1412 or email
Note: Devices can be purchased directly through our support site at
 The bracelet and Nugget have successfully helped to return at least 135 wandering
loved ones home safely. The fully waterproof devices never need charging or to be removed. When scanned, the device will
immediately identify the wearer and emergency contact with the option to call the emergency contact when scanned. The devices
are available across the state by contacting Miles for Memories at or by calling
(269) 979-1412.
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