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 Miles for Memories is...
Creating Solutions
Miles for Memories is a grassroots organization of volunteers dedicated to creating solutions for those impacted by dementia through movement, program- ming, and research. The leadership team is built with individuals that provide care in the aging community but also family mem- bers of someone that has been impacted by dementia.
Our first event to build awareness and raise dollars was September 7, 2013. From there our leadership team began the dis- cussion about what levels of support were missing, what was needed, and where we should begin. We developed three key goals:
1. Support through lifestyle programs
2. Emergency Recovery
3. Prevention
One key aspect of our programs is the commitment to movement and lifestyle programs. We began quickly by launching our Vineyard of Memories art projects. It combines small motor movement and creativity. Our more recent Marathon event held in the fall helps to support developing a habit of movement. We have had hun- dreds make commitments in both of these programs over the years.
Initial research, and continual research at Michigan State University, supports that we are going in the right direction.
Furthermore, a recent study published in Neurology, August 2022, confirms that a greater adherence to a physical activity pat- tern of frequent exercise or housework-re- lated activity, as well as a greater adherence to a mental activity pattern featured by frequent friend/family visits, are associated with a lower risk of multiple types of de- mentia. Research across sources continues to support that lifestyle choices can be an effective intervention strategy for reducing the risk for dementia by 30% or more.
Our work in emergency recovery began in late 2013 by bringing together all those impacted in a recovery situation. Our goal was to discover what was needed, how we could share that information with those that needed it, and to create committed partners to launch a successful program.
It began with our Help Home database managed by the Calhoun County Consoli- dated Dispatch Authority. It later expanded to a variety of devices that are worn by the person living with dementia, and some- times their caregiver. This program has successfully brought at least 135 people home without an unnecessary trip in an ambulance or to a hospital. Learn more about this program beginning on page 8.
Today, Miles for Memories offers pro- grams for all ages and all levels of caregiv- ing. Our newest program has been the de- velopment of a puppet show that is geared
toward elementary aged students. Our puppet show helps children to understand why their loved one is behaving differently and offers solutions for them. The puppet show has been impactful for children, but also adults as they learn about commu- nicating the challenges with youth. To enhance the learning experience from the puppet show a support coloring book is also available. Two additional shows are scheduled for release in 2023.
Adult education can vary from 30 minutes for dementia basics to a 16-hour certification course for the professional caregiver. Training is also available for doctoral students as they interact with those impacted by a neurodegenerative condition in the Elder Educators Program.
Miles for Memories is a community proj- ect fund of the Battle Creek Community Foundation. We appreciate the oversight that the Foundation brings to our organi- zation. If you would like to donate to our organization please make your check pay- able to BCCF/Miles for Memories and mail to P.O. Box 2257, Battle Creek, MI, 49016. You can also make an online contribution at donate/create/fund?funit_id=1560 with a one-time or recurring contribution.
Better yet, join our team of volunteers. Reach out at for more.
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