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  Caregiver Solutions –
Programs Designed with the Caregiver in Mind
Miles for Memories began because of a need in our community to provide solu- tions for those impacted by dementia.
Research confirms that movement matters. In fact, when we began it was clear that movement was the only therapy impacting the trajectory of Alzheimer’s dis- ease according to Alzheimer’s Disease Facts & Figures. We have learned so much more since then but our original goal remains in- tact... to find solutions for both the person living with dementia and their loved ones and caregivers.
Since our first event with large weight-bearing movement, we have also included small motor skills, creative skills, and repetitive movement along with read- ing, pen pals, music, education for all ages, research, and now puppets, all of which have had a positive impact.
Working with law enforcement and emergency responders began early in our journey of providing support services. We created a response guide for responders and continue to work with the Crisis Inter- vention Team training offered by Summit Point. Next we developed the Help Home database, followed by the safe return technology. Collectively, we continue to successfully offer peace of mind to the caregiver. These programs are discussed on pages 8-9.
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Vineyard of Memories is a creative art program. What may seem to be a clinical experience quickly transitions into a room of artists all painting creatively. Our first event brought facility residents living with dementia and their caregivers together. They enjoyed painting with others. It brought joy to their countenance and began an exchange of words as their time together increased and creativity blos- somed. It was an experience that will be remembered by all caregivers. The interac- tions they had with their loved ones were impactful, memorable, and cherished. We have had dozens of programs since and we look forward to many more in the future.
Emergency respite is a program that offers safety and security for the person living with dementia. What would happen to your loved one should you have to be away? Imagine you as the caregiver have been in an accident, need emergency surgery, or you’re just at your wits end. As a result, we recommend that the caregiver also register in the Help Home database and wear the Personal I.D. bracelet. Should an emergency arise, responders will be alerted to the fact that the care receiver may similarly need assistance.
Miles for Memories has created an emergency respite program for this very reason. The program will offer up to three
days of emergency respite support while also helping to find a long term solution, should that be necessary. This program
is supported by dollars from the Calhoun County Medical Care Facility Rock-A-Thon, the Miles for Memories Marathon, and CareWell Services SW.
Great minds pedagogy is all about a large inflatable brain named Miles that we use to teach about dementia. This brain
is approximately 16 feet long by 13 feet wide by 10 feet high. It is large enough for individuals to walk through or a wheelchair to move through easily. More that a dozen conditions impacting the brain are visually displayed with even more information placed inside as well as outside of the brain for visitors to read and respond to. The brain has been used for education for all ages and will gladly travel to events. This program is supported by Calhoun County Senior Services, Michigan State Universi- ty, and the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.
Melodious Memories is a music program intended to support the home caregiver. Caregivers completing the program will learn how to choose and uti- lize a variety of music resources that will sooth or stimulate the person living with dementia. It offers a period of respite for the caregivers and a return to a time that
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